Our Campaigns

Here’s a briefing of the campaigns our organization works for . The issues raised by us and ideas brought to tackle these issues . 



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Energy consumption is valid and important but what happens when we exploit the resources intentionally or unintentionally. Exactly! we run out of it or worse run out of its fuel causing imbalance in nature's elements . Thereby the need of energy conservation comes into the light . By using less of an energy service we can not only conserve exhaustible resources but also save the planet from climate change .


While trying to survive and grow , humans forgot we were supposed to grow with our fellow inhabitant creatures and NOT without them . Biodiversity conservation is a program to extenuate the rapid extinction of non-human species . It has three main objectives - Sustainable utilization of species and ecosystem , to preserve the diversity of species , to maintain life-supporting system and essential ecological processes


Nothing is more exploited by us than the land itself . The very home we live in . Overuse of fertilizers have harmed it equally as littering and pollution . Land conservation is protecting natural land and returning used and barren land into its natural state


We have seen and felt the effects of deforestation first hand . There's no excuse to not stop this process as soon as possible. A better alternative is creating more forest . It's a better option as it helps us to create artificial biodiversity at unexpected places . Helping the climate and habitating the animals at the same time .


Water crisis is one of the most important issues the world is suffering from . Fresh water is already scarce and found in limited sources . Wasting even a drop isn't acceptable if we want to survive more than hundred years on the planet . Water conservation Program is an initiative to conserve fresh water through Reuse of used water , disinfecting and decontaminating water resources , and reduced and controlled use of Freshwater .


Data Theft is a growing phenomenon caused by people with malicious intent and access to technology . It has impacted businesses , Govt data and surveys , defense confidentiality and security , stealing of people's hard earned money . Our organization works toward advancing security to protect against data theft .


If there are deadly threats to the planet , Radioactive contamination is one of the deadliest of them all . Radiation causes skin cancer , mutation , failure of organs and in worse cases instant death . So you can imagine what can happen if these radioactive wastes and materials contaminate our surroundings . This not only impacts us but can affect our progeny making them physically impaired . Our organization has a mission to control and guide the disposal of radioactive materials .


Soil contamination is degradation of soil through excess use of fertilizers , disposal of plastic and other polymers, uncontrolled farming , imbalanced pH measurement of soil . With so much tormenting, soil becomes , unfertile , barren and sometimes harmful . Restoration of such lands by repairing the soil is a part of land conservation. land is not the only habitat for humans , it is the only habitat for other terrestrial species too

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